Romo and Juilet the Nurse

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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The Nurse and Her Ways

The nurse is the character I have chosen from the novel The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The Nurse was the right pick because she is always very sneaky and doing her own thing. Yet, the Capulet’s trust her but she is willing to go against them to help out her friend, Juliet. I would describe the nurse as trustworthy, rude sometimes, and inspired. She shows that in times of dependability, she assists Juliet in interacting with Romeo throughout the play. Next we observe that she is rude when she shares her undeveloped humor, which usually has a positive effect on who is in the room. Lastly, she is determined to do whatever it takes to please the Capulet’s.

As mentioned before, the Nurse is a very dependable person considering she helps Juliet stay in touch with her love, Romeo. For instance, Juliet sent the Nurse to Friar Lawrence to make plans for their upcoming wedding. This was dangerous move for the Nurse because. This was a hazardous move because the Nurse knew about Paris’s feeling towards Juliet, yet went against that and helped Romeo and Juliet marry. The Nurse planned gatherings for Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers, and the Nurse was really the foundation of their relationship. On Romeo and Juliet’s wedding night, the Nurse had got Romeo to Juliet room, without anyone in Duffy 2

the Capulet house knowing.. “O Holy Friar, O, tell me, holy friar, Where’s my lady’s lord? Where’s Romeo?”(Act III, Scene III, Lines 81-82, Page 568). This quote from the novel shows that the Nurse was so apart of their relationship that when Romeo had been banished, she attempted to help them still be together.

The Nurse portrays a rude “side” from her very first appearance in the play. On page 519 Act I, Scene III, lines 17-48, the Nurse goes on and on about Juliet doing sexual things and “ Shake, quoth the dove-house; twas no need, I twow, To bid me trudge.” So by the nurse saying this rude comment, she has...
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