Rolling Stone

Topics: Rhythm and blues, Bird, Mammal Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: December 31, 2012
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” is a well-known proverbial saying. It means that a man who behaves like a rolling stone and does not stick to one place cannot prosper. Success everywhere requires patience and perseverance. Ficklemindedness brings about failure. Once upon a time a large number of birds and animals held a meeting in the forest to choose a king for themselves. The birds wanted to make king out of themselves and animals wanted to make king out of themselves. The birds claimed that the eagle should be their king, because he was the bravest of the birds. But the animals said that it was the lion’s right to be their king, because he was the strongest animal in the world. They could not come to any settlement and decided to fight the matter out. There was a bat. Its behavior was very strange. It took no part in the battle. It only sat in the tree to see how things were going on. If the birds appear to win, it flew over to their side saying that it was a bird because it can fly and laid eggs. But if it saw animals winning it flew over to their sides saying that it is an animal because it gives milk to its young ones. In this way it kept on changing both sides and offended both parties. Soon the battle was over. The animals won the battle and lion was declared as the king of the forest. Now both the animals and birds were against the bat. They recommended how he had opposed them one after another. They were not ready to keep the bat in the forest that it was neither bird nor animal. Now bat lives way from forest alone in the darkness. It only comes out at night. The lesson in the story is that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Anyone who changes sides or places is often left alone.
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