Discuss the Conflicts by the Protagonist in the Short Story "In the Silence". How Do Thes Conflicts Affect the Protagonist.

Topics: Short story, Affect, Boy Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: January 22, 2011
Shivams Discuss the conflicts faced by the protagonist in the short story 16/01/2011 "In the Silence". How do these conflicts affect the protagonist? The story "In the Silence" by Peggy S. Curry is about a young man named Jimmy who has to go up in the Mountains to watch over a herd of long tail-lambs because his uncle told him too. Jimmy is still young and his uncle isn't easy on him. While Jimmy is up in the mountains he needs to deal with three conflicts. Those conflicts are man vs. man, man vs. nature and man vs. self. These conflicts will affect Jimmy by making him grow more mature and become an adult.

The first conflict Jimmy deals with is man vs. man. Jimmy's uncle is hard on him, and wants Jimmy to grow up and become a man which is why Jimmy fears his uncle, but this is just at home. Outside on the mountain he meets a guy with a gun and a bloody hand. The guy plans to steal his lambs which Jimmy saves by bargaining his broach (a symbolic of Jimmys childhood). These examples are proof that Jimmy is affected by this conflict, he acts mature for his age and makes the decision to sacrifice a symbol of his childhood to save his lambs.

Another conflict the protagonist Jimmy has to deal with is man vs. nature. He has to protect his lambs from animals like eagles, and horses, which is probably very hard to do. The animals kill some of his lambs. An eagle kills a lamb by swooping down, and grabbing for it, and a bunch of horses trampel some of the lambs. He has to live in the wilderness when it's cold on the mountains. These examples are proof that Jimmy the protagonist deals with this conflict. He has to protect his lambs from animals like eagles, and horses which is very hard to do for a not so experienced young man. The last conflict Jimmy deals with is man vs.self. He has to deal with himself the...
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