Roles and Responsibility in Lifelong Learning

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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In the course of my research, I discovered that the teaching profession, like many other professions is being guided by a set of legislations, which can also be referred to as the code of conduct for the teaching profession. This set of legislations has been put in place for the effective management of teachers. These legislations guide the roles and responsibilities of us teachers. WHAT ARE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

The Chambers Combined Dictionaries defined role as ‘a part played in life, the function of a person or thing’. With the in-depth understanding that my role as teacher exceed just teaching in the class room, I have come to appreciate the key legislations that guides the teaching profession. My role as a teacher requires me amongst other titles to be a guardian, an instructor, a director. The key aspects of legislation and regulations that that guides the teaching profession in England are, but to not limit to: I being a teacher must have an in-depth knowledge of the subject that I teach in other to be confident in transferring it to my students. As a teacher, I must posses the ability to Plan, Prepare, Deliver and also Assess the student. This is to aid the subject understanding or academic development of the student. (Dept for Education May 2012).[1] From my understanding the course of planning and preparing would also create some form of enthusiasm from me (the teacher) towards the subject that I teach and my job in general. The law demands that I am fair towards every single student that I am responsible for and I also treat my student with respect no matter their culture, ethnic background, religious belief, sexual orientation and political view, ability or dis-ability. (Equality Act 2010). In all educational setting a teacher is expected to practice the inclusive method of teaching, as by so doing, no student or group of student feels pigeonholed. Having...
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