Role of Security Department in an Organisation

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Security plays a major role in business. The value security Department brings to organizations is enormous as the department works hard to avert losses, shield property and human assets. As organisations are hiring new employees, most are now conducting background investigations, so they can make a more sound judgment on each employee that is hired. Employers must keep in mind that they may be sued for defamation of character if they provide other employers negative or falsified information on a current or former employee. There are so many specific crimes that fall into the legal aspects of business. Risk, as it applies to justice and security organizations means “the uncertainty of financial loss, the variations between actual and expected results, or the probability that a loss has occurred or will occur” Businesses and organizations all across the country have risk management programs in place to help minimise losses. Risk most often is associated with occurrences that have an undesirable outcome; referring to any potential hazard that a justice organization can suffer from. These are generally associated with three types of risk: personal, property, and liability Justice Organizations can be susceptible to human error, fraud, employee misconduct, environmental disasters and they need to be prepared by establishing a thorough risk management program.

The Security department has a relationship with other department in the total organisation. The Security department is responsible for advising management from Managing Director to the lowest line supervisor on all area relating to the security. The department also performs various functions of employment, training and development. It represents management in many of the relationships that affect the organization as a whole. The Security department generally acts not only in an advisory capacity but also offer practical solutions; it provides information, offers suggestions and is responsible for the end results. The Security department exercises control very tactfully in order to win the confidence and cooperation of all departments. The department has to persuade the line managers to work with it and not against them. The authority of Security department is derived from concrete security policies and programs which are in line with the organisation general policies. Practically the department acts to provide the Freedom from risk or danger through for example measures and system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. The role of the security department can therefore be classified as follows 2.1 Loss and Fraud Prevention

One of the important roles of the security department is protection against loss and fraud. In this case, corporate security is designed to operate outside its traditional sphere, engaging in surveillance over parts of the firm, such as accounting, that can be involved in corporate fraud. This also includes protection against corporate espionage and implementation of state regulations concerning fraud.

2.2. Property Protection
In the global environment, not all states have strict laws on intellectual property. Computer espionage can involve stealing and using inventions and developments from other firms. Protecting intellectual property is an important part of the security department’s responsibilities 2.3. Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is another important component of the security Department. The legal protection of the company depends on the correct and accurate reporting of incidents of all kinds, physical, digital or regulatory. Such reporting shows the company is protecting its assets, including employees. In any future litigation, incident reporting will be immensely important. A security officer therefore must be competent in this area. 2.4. Risk Management

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