Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in the Assessment and Identification of Disability

Topics: Panchayati raj, Disability, Special education Pages: 7 (1561 words) Published: November 19, 2010

Dr. Seema Singh*, Mrs. Paromita chaubey

The 73rd amendment to the Indian constitution (1992) is a landmark in the evolution of Panchayats in India which carved out the third tier of the Indian Political System. Earlier we had only two Tiers - the union and the State governments. Now we have the third tier – the panchayats at the village block and district levels. Panchayats have been the backbone o f Indian Villages. From ages they had mainly performed the role of imparting justice. The panchayats as they exist today have been made by law and the Panchayati Raj System is an institution of administration which seeks to involve the people at the grass root level in planning and administration. The intention of the government is to empower the local bodies at the grass root level to promote micro level planning initiate need based developments programs and insure transparency.

The government of India has been implementing various programmes for the welfare of the children with disabilities through different Government and non Government organizations. These programmes provide wide ranging benefits in important fields such as education, vocational training and rehabilitation and financial assistance for the specific needs of the disabled.

The eleventh five- year plan, which has identified Inclusive growth as the overreaching objective .seeks substantially empower and use PRIs as the primary means of the delivery of essential services that are critical to inclusive growth. For the success of any democracy-decentralized government is a must and for that the Panchayati Raj Institutions is the best example.


The panchayati raj institutions have brought significant change in the Indian system of governance .The most important has been that the democratic base of the Indian polity has become very wide. The basic objective of panchayati Raj is to evolve a system of democratic decentralization and devolution with a view to insure rapid socio economic progress and speeder and inexpensive justice. The goal of inclusive growth as envisaged by the government cannot be achieved without the active participation of PRIs and these institutions should be considered as integral to the governance of the country.


The government of India has various strategies, policies and programs for incorporating persons with disability in education and in the economic development process. The successful implementation of such programs require adequate funds and appropriate policies frame work and above all and effective delivery mechanism. There for it is necessary involve panchayats in this programs.

The role of PRIs is to help plan, coordinate, monitor and where ever required regulate the implementation of various national programs. It is involved in the preparation of various schemes relating to the education and rehabilitation of children’s with disability. With the help of block level Panchayats they identify delivery system for the education and Rehabilitation of the special need children under various programmes. PRIs play important role in evolving the strategies for mobilizing the community for various activities such as surveys, helping the field level functionaries, fund raising, monitoring of the programmes at the field level etc. It identifies special areas of assistance for different categories of the disabled as per their needs. They also ensure that the requisite percentages of the funds are allocated to various key programmers such as those catering to the prevention of disabilities and educational needs of the disabled. In addition to these they also arrange training programmers of the public functionaries, NGOs and other social...
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