Role of Communication in the Business

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Communication is life blood of a business organization. No organization can succeed or progress, build up reputation, and win friends and customers without effective communication skills.

In fact successful communication is the bed rock of ground and pleasant relationship between the seniors and sub ordinates, between the workers and the management, between the customers and the sellers good and efficient system of communication helps in better coordination and efficient control. It results in clear understanding, good production, healthy climate within the organization willing cooperation among the various levels, if businessman can communicate effectively and successfully. Profit and prosperity shall knock at the doors of firm, organization or shop keeper through effective system of communication.

Poor and ineffective communication system may result in mismanagement, bad business and sure show down. Communication can build or destroy trust depending or use of words. A poorly worded message or talk may result in communication break down. On the other hand planned and well meant communication helps in better service, removes misunderstanding and doubts; builds up good will, promotes business and earns favorable references. It is the key to success in business and trade. A good businessman believes in the saying, 'take care of communication and success shall take care of itself.'

Owing to the strong position of traditional marketing communications (especially advertising) research and consumer marketing related theories in the general field of marketing, the prevailing concepts of communication can be labeled as “mass communicative” in current marketing discourse as a whole. However, along with the rise of various “relational approaches” in marketing, the focus of marketing research seems to shift from products and firms as a central unit of analysis to people, organizations and the social processes that bind actors together in ongoing relationships. In...
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