Rogerian Argument

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Prison Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Jessica Amick

Should capital punishment be permitted? Capital punishment is the sentencing of death to a convicted criminal, and its legalization varies by state. It is a method that has been used since the beginning of mankind. Currently, there are only thirteen states that do not enforce the death penalty; meaning over half of the nation agrees with it. To this day, this subject remains very controversial. The main opposing view in this argument is that the death penalty is immoral; claiming that it under values human life. Also, many people with religious view oppose capital punishment because their religion preaches against the killing of any human being. Is seems this is an issue in which everyone will not find stasis.

Some agree that capital punishment is wrong because we are no better that the criminal when we decide to put a person to death. There are also cases where we have put innocent people to death; which is also an unforgivable crime. Many believe that everyone has a right to live. Most religions believe that any type of killing is not justified, regardless of the crime. Thus, people who are religious carry the assumption that a higher power will make a criminal answer for the wrongs they have done.

Although arguments from both sides have merit, my opinion is to support capital punishment. It is my belief that the death penalty saves many lives by not giving these people who commit heinous crimes a chance to do it again. Also, the death penalty invokes fear in people who might consider committing certain crimes. The relapse rate of people who commit heinous crimes and are released on parole is astounding. Many of these offenders are back in prison either from a repeat offense or a parole violation within a few years. If these offenders are given life in prison it is using up millions of dollars in taxpayers money to house and feed them. If the government could make the death row process shorter and limit appeals, it would reduce the...
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