Pro Death Penalty

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  • Published : February 25, 2011
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In society today there are many different opinions on capital punishment. I’m a strong believer in our nations system to bring justice and give a fair trial. I’m also pro death penalty. I believe in capital punishment only if the crime is severe in such crimes as murderers, raping, and serial killing ect. For example if a criminal is jailed, he may again commit the same crime after being released from prison. Giving him capital punishment would make sure that the society is safe from being attacked by criminals. I believe it is an appropriate punishment for serial killers and for those who continue to commit crimes even after serving there imprisonment. I believe that the death of a criminal gives closure to their victim's (if they are still alive) and their families. And the death penalty serves as a deterrent to criminals who may be considering committing a capital offence. Also one of the main principals of the punishment and the judicial system is that the penalty fits the crime. If someone violently murders another individual or numerous people, then it makes sense for the punishment to be death right?.... Putting people in prison, as opposed to executing them gives them a chance of parole (or the small chance of escape), meaning they can commit more crimes. Capital punishment means there is no chance of the criminal committing another crime. I also believe that a person to sentenced to the death penalty that he or she has a 10 year time limit before there expiration. To appeal the sentence and bring fourth any admissible evidence to the courts to have the sentence or charges dropped or reduced and not drag on a sentence and hold a person in death row and waste tax payers money. Some anti-death penalty campaigners describe examples of people on death row, or people have already been killed have then been proven innocent. Today, the accuracy of modern forensics and DNA testing makes it very unlikely for an innocent person to be put on death row. Capital...
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