Rocky Construction Case

Topics: Team, Project management, The A-Team Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Rocky Gagnon has a vision and goal that he wants to achieve. He wants to build up to 18 houses every year from beginning to the end. But in order to achieve this goal he needs other contractors in order to make this vision come true. He already has team that he wants to use. His problem is that each contractor has their own job to do and they have to finish on time and clean up after themselves in order for the other team to come and their part. Rocky is afraid that the projects would not be done on time.

In order to make this work he has to bring together together a team that is going to work to accomplish common goal and work together. He needs to know the stages of developing a group, which are forming, norming, storming and performing. Self-managed team would be the best type for this specific project. This type of team work on a long term project. Each team member has specific tasks and member have to contribute expert knowledge and judgment. Self-managed teams are more productive, have lower costs, have better quality and team members are more satisfied.

Team members in this situation control decision and implementation of complete range of responsibilities. Team members are responsible for an entire project and have control over the decision who hire and what job responsibilities their employees will have. One of the problems that might arise is finishing each project on time. Rocky has to make sure that he checks the references and work done by the other contractors, how long it took them to finish the project and quality of the work done. Furthermore, there is a problem of how to make everyone work together. Rocky has to learn the art of diplomacy, tackling people issues, and walking the fine line between encouraging autonomy and rewarding team members. This is why he has to make sure that each contractor is empowered. When people are empowered, they could be more innovative, do a better job and feel good when the job is done. If all of the...
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