Leading Change When Business Is Good

Topics: Management, Team, Social philosophy Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: July 6, 2012
Leading Change When Business Is Good

If not reviewed on a regular basis, a company’s vision or belief system can become misaligned or distorted.

Companies are organic systems that need to learn to adapt, yet remain true to their essence, their misson and their identity.
Today’s work places are more educated and diverse than those of the past. These teams can be united and motivated by a strong value or belief system.
Command and control mechanisms cannot be imposed on a professional work force. A top-down system can create unncessary red-tape or bureacracy that can ineffectively restrict the work force.

oFlexibility and innovation can be lost.

oParalysis by analysis can become a common side effect.

oDecentralized decision making should be part of the company’s lifeline.
Team members need to be empowered to act on the best interest of the company.

Cross-functional support needs to be achieved through the integration of business units within an organization. This spirit of cooperation should be fostered from the top down.

oEgos must be checked at the door.

oTeam members and business units must be held accountable so that complacency does not set in.

Renewal and re-inforcement is required keep the values alive.

oAcknowledge past mistakes and use them as a catalyst for future success.
oEmbodiment of the values by management, so that team members can see values in action.
Branding of the company’s values is essential to the company’s success. The goal should be known not for “who” they are, but “what“they are willing to do in the interest of the customer.
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