Rockness Recycling

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Rockness Recycling

5 step process
Faculty workers work 40 hrs per week & rotate each job Rockness is under contract wirh GE for delivery of 2000 refurbished students per week.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Unpack & place on unitStrip off bad habitsScrub & clean mindInsert modern methods
1 minute1.5 minutes0.8 minute1.0 minute

a/ what is the current max output of the process? b/ should we add a worker to step 2 ( as it is bottleneck)?

unpack & place on belt(60 min per hour/1 minute per order) X 8hours = 480 students per day Strip off bad habits(60 min per hour/1.5 minute per order) X 8hours = 320 students per day scrub & clean mind(60 min per hour/0.8 minute per order) x 8 hours = 600 students per day Insert modern methods(60 min per hour/1 minute per order) X 8hours = 480 students per day Polish & pack(60 min per hour/1.2 minute per order) x 8 hours = 400 students per day Max output = 1600 students per day

step 2 can only produce 320 students per day which is where bottleneck is.

unpack & place on belt480
Strip off bad habits x 2 workers640
scrub & clean mind600
Insert modern methods480
Polish & pack400
step 2 can now do 640 students per day but step 1 (480) is the max output in one day but will satisfy the order of 2000 students per week.
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