Competency Goal #1

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To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

Functional Area #1 - Safe: In order to provide a safe environment and teach children safe practices to prevent and reduce injuries I do the following:

I always do my classroom counts every 30 minutes, or more often when necessary, to make sure that my head count matches the actual number of children in my classroom. •Our centers are set up to reduce open floor space and the opportunity to run freely indoors •I check all toys and equipment for broken or missing parts often to ensure they remain safe for use and play. •I ensure that all chemicals and cleaning supplies are put away out of the reach of children or stored in locked cabinets to prevent injury or poisoning. •I keep my emergency routes posted and easily visible and my emergency contacts are always with me in a binder and easily accessible. •I am trained in emergency evacuation procedures and plans to remove all children from the classroom and/or building in the event of a tornado or fire •I am certified in First Aid, CPR, and Pediatric First Aid which makes me knowledgeable of caring for accidents or injuries. Functional Area #2 - Healthy: In order to provide an environment that promotes health and prevents illness, and teaches children about good nutrition and practices that promote Wellness, I do the following:

Cleaning and sanitizing classroom items, including future & toys, a task done multiple times a day. I sanitize all toys immediately after being put into a child’s mouth, to prevent the spread of germs. • I wash my hands & wear gloves before & after handling food, helping with toileting, cleaning noses to prevent germs from being spread. • I follow the center’s policies for sick children to prevent other illnesses in the classroom. •We also serve Healthy Balanced meals breakfast, lunch & snack. Functional Area #3 – Learning Environment: In order to...
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