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Topics: Time, Network performance, Minute Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 17, 2011
2. What is the maximum long-term achievable throughput rate of Receiving Plant #1? What factors affect this throughput rate?

The maximum long-term achievable throughput rate is determined by the resource with the least capacity. As different process routes are followed by dry and wet berries, there will be distinct and separate maximum achievable throughput rates for these two products. The capacity of the dryers is the bottleneck for the wet berries. Therefore, the maximum throughput for wet berries is 600 bbls/hr. As for dry berries, the separation process is the bottleneck. The maximum throughput for dry berries will therefore be 1200 bbls/hr. The maximum achievable throughput rate would be affected by changes in the percentage of dry or wet berries. The throughput would also be affected by the bottleneck for drying berries to be loaded into bulk trucks or bagged.   The processing rate of the three separator lines also affected the throughput rate as processing declined as the percentage of bad fruit increased.

4. On average, how long will the trucks have to wait on a busy day? Assume a 11am start of processing of berries and a continuous arrival rate of berries of 1,500 bbls/hr. * Each hour, there are (1500*0.7) = 1050bbls of wet berries and (1500*0.3) = 450 of dry berries. * Trucks start arriving at around 7AM

* Since the capacity of bins Is only 3200, Bins get full after (3200/1050) = 3.05 hours, at about 10AM * Processing starts at 11AM
* at 7 pm, (1050-600)*8 = 3600 bbls should be held outside in the bins.But capacity is 3200 * After (1050*4+3600-3200)/600 = 7.67 hrs, at around 2.40AM the last truck is unloaded * Therefore, total waiting time over here will be from 10.00AM to 2.40AM, which is equal to 16.67 hrs. * Average waiting time in this case will be (7800-3200)*(16.67/2)/(75*243*0.70) = (4600*8.335)/12757.5=3.00hrs 5. On average, how long will the trucks have to wait on a busy day? Assume a 7am start of processing of...
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