Black Fly Beverage Company, Inc.

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  • Published : January 31, 2012
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Black Fly Beverage Company, Inc.
1. Identify Black fly’s customer groups and their needs. Customer groups: residents lived in Ontario who are seeking a fresh alternative to the mainstream vodka cooler. These customers preferred vodka coolers with natural-tasting, less sweet, local and identifiably Canadian ingredients. 2. Identify black Fly’s current process. It is a good process? * Mixing process: 14hrs

* Preparation: Clean and set up each tank; 1.5hrs
* Step 1: Mixing; 1.5hrs; three 1600-litre tanks;
* Step 2: Cooling process; 5hrs
* Step 3: Carbonation step; 3hrs
* Step 4: Test; 3hrs
* Bottling process: 16hrs
* Loading, filling, capping, labeling, and packaging; 12,000 bottles/12hrs; 3 tanks/12hrs 3. Identify Black Fly’s theoretical capacity for the vodka cooler and Spiked Ice Vodka cooler: The employee’s working time in one week is 24hoursday×5daysweek=120hours/week Cycle time is 14 hours. 120hours-26hours14hour+1=7.7≈7runs, so the capacity per week is 7×12000bottlesrun=84000bottlesweek, so the capacity per month is84000bottlesweek÷7daysweek×30daymonth=360000bottlesmonth Spiked Ice: Cycle time is 3 hours. The capacity per week is 120-3hours3hours+1×10000unitsrun=400000unitsweek , so the capacity per month is 400000unitsweek÷7daysweek×30daysmonth=1714285.7unitsmonth≈1714285unitsmonth 4. Identify how many units of the vodka cooler and Spiked Ice Black Fly must produce to meet regular and seasonal demand. How does this compare to capacity? Vodka cooler: Regular demand: 1200casesmonth×24bottlescases=28800bottlesmonth<360000bottlesmonth(capacity) Seasonal demand: 3×Regular demand=3×28800bottlesmonth=86300bottlesmonth<360000bottlesmonth(capacity) Spiked Ice: Regular demand: 8000cases4months×108unitscases=216000unitsmonth<1714285unitmonth(capacity) Seasonal demand: 3×Regular demand=3×216000unitsmonth=648000unitsmonth<1714285unitmonth(capacity) 5. Identify how many production runs it takes to fill...
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