Robin Hood Study Case

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  • Published : October 28, 2008
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What are Robin Hood key problems?
His band – the Merrymen’s side:
oGrowing so fast that food capacity of the forest is not enough to supported. oThe band’s vigilance and disciplines is difficult to control oThe riches, main source of revenue, started avoiding the forest’s area •His enemy – the Sheriff’s side:

oThe Sheriff became stronger in many sides: money, men, facilities. oBetter organized
The prince’s side: the gamble of releasing King Richard

How are they related to each other? Trace their emergence.
They are related closely to each other. For example, if Robin cannot steal from the riches, he has nothing to supply his band. Therefore, his band will become weaker, and the Sheriff will know that, which leads to his attack to Robin’s band.

Which problem should Robin tackle first?
He should tackle his band problem first, since it is the root of almost every problem he has now.

Develop a new strategy for Robin.
Primary goal (which can solve all problems): releasing King Richard oIt is the most important because:
When people are fed up with Prince John, they are looking for someone can change their situation. Therefore, if Robin is on the king’s side, it is easier to make people listen to him Once the King is released, he (who is supposed to be a good one) will shape his governance officer, which can lead to failure of the Sherriff It may be dangerous and risky. However, if he does nothing, it will be more dangerous and riskier. At least, he should get a chance. oHe can do it by:

Support barons with the transit tax. He should explain to his band that the money is for the King’s release progress, which means the money is for his band’s new bright future.

Secondary goal : improve his band’s quality
oTry to find a new way to get food
oMake sure that fairness will exist in his band
oTake care of the quality of his band’s member
oHave a basic training project for members, and...
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