The Dissonance of Homelessness

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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The Dissonance of Homelessness
Every once in awhile a person may find himself walking down the street, strutting his stuff. Then he might hear a couple of chords badly put together, poorly strummed, and a voice howling to the wind like a lost puppy in the night. This is probably being done by one of many kids who have left home and decided that it has become too much of a hassle to live in the confines of society. Only to leave home, work, and studies to play their guitar on the side of the street for the one thing they said they despised from the beginning, money. The clear solution is this, hire musicians to teach the howling puppies how to make music correctly. It is not that I am necessarily against the lifestyle of traveling through a town and playing your guitar for a few bucks. It is just that I am against poorly composed music being played on the street. It is like a bad poet; No one wants to hear it, read it, or experience it. This is one of the reasons why fruit stands should be more prominent in cities like Nashville, New York, Santa Monica, and any local downtown area. Tomato and all other throwable vegetable sales would definitely skyrocket. Getting a job is tough especially when the homeless person has produce juice all over their attire. .Basically the message is this. Clean up, get a job, and learn some music theory. If a homeless person is really good he might just need to get a job in order to pay for a better instrument and a few new threads to impress the ladies. After all, he does it for the love of the crowd. The homeless population that actually has a crowd must have some talent right? Not all street performers are terrible though. When they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol some might actually be able to sing a pretty melody. Next time you see a friendly homeless person who looks like they were just let out of the drunk tank, ask them to sing you a song. You might just discover that past the scent of feces and urine could...
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