Robert and the Dog

Topics: Art, Human, Writing Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Catalina Crisóstomo Vejar
Professor Guillermo Duff
Third Year

Language was born as an instrument to communicate people, to convey messages in many ways. According to the evolution of human beings, their language has been an evolution too and during this process literature emerged with an artistic interest to express feelings, thoughts and their imagination. But, what is literature? Many theorists have tried to explain that, and we have some patterns that are typical in their texts. In the text “Robert and the dog” by Ken Saro-Wiwa you can find some of this patterns such as the human being view, the disposition to analyze stories and the literature as an aesthetic object.

To begin with, the first example is the concept of man that is given by the text. This is not about the generic male or female description is about the type of person in it. In the text we can see a men that is coward, insecure and with thirst of power. You can recognize this by the description of the character in the development of the story: the thirst of power is seen in “And he always repaired there nightly to exercise authority over his wife and six children.” (Saro-Wiwa, 1) the insecurity in “Robert began to feel like a human being” (Saro-Wiwa ,page 3) and the cowardice in “He gathered up all the tins of dog food, all the tins of milk, tethered the dog to the settee and walked off, out of the house and the job he had loved to do.” (Saro-Wiwa, page 5). In these cases we can see that the author invites to get into the feelings of the character, giving a description of it. This is a clear example of a literary text, because by this he is describing a man that is typical in the actual lower classes.

On the second case we can see the disposition to analyze the story. The author has a particular way to describe the principal character feelings about the dog. He shows us by a image what “Robert” thinks: “And when he got home in the evening and saw his children, with distended...
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