Curious Incident of the Dog

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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In the book the curious incident of the dog at night-time written by Mark Haddon, an important idea is the difficulty of diversity in society. Haddon communicated the idea through the book using the language features narrative point of view, Dialogue, and symbolism. Narrative point of view was used to show us Christopher’s perspective on how he views the world and society, and to get inside Christopher’s head to explain the fact he reacts a certain way, or believes in a certain philosophy like how Christopher does not wish to be a partake in any activity or event relation with society. Dialogue was used to allow us to comprehend the way in which Christopher had difficulty communicates with other members of the society. The use of symbolism enabled us to perceive Christopher’s intense emotions and frustrations in his life. Haddon uses the first person narrative effectively to illustrate the difficulty of diversity in society. Christopher describes to us how he experiences a series of difficulties and how he tries to adjust with the difficulties resulted from Asperger syndrome, “I find people confusing” Christopher cannot understand explicit instructions, “people often say be quiet but they don’t tell how long to be quiet for. Or you see a sign which says keep of the grass but it should say keep of the grass around this sign or keep of all the grass in this park because there is lots of grass you are allowed to walk on”. This quote portrays how difficult it is for Christopher to comprehend the simplest of orders, and shows us how commands that are this easy, are in fact complex to Christopher, this indicates how severe Asperger Syndrome is. Another significant perceptive, is how Christopher views the school students’, “All the other children at my school are stupid”, this shows that Christopher sees a part of society as “stupid” , excluding himself, hence Christopher’s condition is not even appealing to him let alone society. Christopher puts the belief in his...
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