Road Safty

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English CompositionBoya Gao
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Gary Tessmer2012/11/31

Drive safely: slow down

Figure 1. Advertisement of awareness to safe driving by French Safety Board, (La Sécurité Routière). Figure 1. Advertisement of awareness to safe driving by French Safety Board, (La Sécurité Routière). Historically, vehicle accident ranks in high placement of human death rate. Nearly one million people are killed under wheel globally last year. In Pennsylvania, though the rate of death from automobile accident has dropped, there are also over a thousand people dead. Specifically, car accident as the factor of children death ranks prior among all factors, which lead to the death of kids. Governments in the world adopt abundant solution to reduce the death rate, the result; however, does not meet satisfactory of the expectancy static. A recent French website published a picture of a girl with a special injured part on face creating a distinct enlightenment and awareness of safe automobile driving. THE DESIGNER OF THE ADVERTISED PICTURE USES THE CONTRACT OF BACKGROUND AND OBJECT, THE PATHOS VIA THE SPECIAL INJURED PART ON HEAD OF THE LITTLE GIRL WITH THE SADNESS INNOCENT FACE; THE ETHOS OF THE SIGN “ FRENCH SAFETY ROAD” AND THE LOGOS BY USING THE WORDS “ IN TOWN, CAR ACCIDENTS DO NOT JUST HAPPEN TO CARS” TO IMPLY AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT DOES NOT ONLY LEAD TO THE LOSS OF MONEY IN CONSTRUCTION OR CAR SPENDING, HARM OF LIFE IS THE MOST CRITICAL AND IRRETRIEVABLE LOSS FOR THE FAMILIES, THE SOCIETY AND THE NATION; ALSO THESE ETHOS, PATHOS AND LOGOS REVEAL THE FACT THAT AUTOMOBILE INJURIES HAVE BECOME A STRICT PROBLEMS WHICH ALL COUNTIES FACES TODAY. The picture depicts a cute little girl who is around...
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