Rmg Sector in Bangladesh

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Background of the study:
* We are doing this assignment for completing the principals of management courses in the BBA department. * We are doing this report so that we can analysis the readymade garment (RMG) sector of Bangladesh and find out the problems and remedies of this sector.

Objectives of the study:
The main objectives of this report are
* To gain knowledge about the industrial unrest in the readymade garments industry of Bangladesh. * To identify the problems of RMG sector of Bangladesh.
* To analysis the problems of this sector.
* To fine out the remedies that could solve the problems of RMG sector. * To gain in-depth knowledge about the readymade garments industry of Bangladesh.

Data collection method:
This assignment has been completed by taking information from different relevant sources. This assignment also consists of a significant amount of data obtained from some secondary sources. For the secondary data, we have taken some information from the internet. We also collect information from various industries’ web sites.

Limitation of the study:
Though our study is based on secondary data, there is a possibility of getting fake information. This study is weak in some points. The notable ones are as under: * This report has been made basis only on the secondary data. * The survey was conducted in a very short time so we were not able to collect more information. * This survey made on crisis situation of Bangladesh, so it was difficult to collect samples. * Lack of experience in this field.

Analysis Technique & Report Writing:
In preparing this report, we approached according to the following procedure: * Select the topic
* Collect information from different sources
* Sorting information
* Analysis and evaluation of the information
* Report writing and presenting

Report findings, Analysis & Discussion

The History of RMG Sector in Bangladesh:
Bangladeshi Garment Industry is the largest industrial sector of the country. Though the history of Readymade Garment Industry is not older one but Bangladeshi clothing business has a golden history. Probably it started from the Mughal age in the Indian subcontinent through Dhakai Musline. It had global reputation as well as demandable market around the globe specially in the European market.

After industrial revolution in the west they were busy with technological advancement & started outsourcing of ready made garments to meet up their daily demands. Many LDC's took that chance & started ready made garment export at that markets. As an LDC Bangladesh took this chance enjoyed quota & other facilities of them. Thus ready made garment industry started to contribute in our economy from late eighties (1977).

The history of the garment industry dates back to 1977 when the first consignment was exported to then West Germany by Jewel Garments. The number of units, however, remained a meager 46 until the end of 1983. From a humble beginning the sector has thus made phenomenal growth over the last two decades, the number of units growing to around 4500. The RMG industry achievement is noteworthy, particularly for a country plagued with poor resource endowments and adverse conditions for industrialization. Exports increased from approximately 32 million US dollars in 1983/84 to 1.4 billion dollars in 1992/93. In 1987/88, the RMG export share surpassed that of raw jute and allied products. The figure further rose to 5.7 billion dollars in 2003/04, representing a contribution of about 75 percent of the country's total export earnings in that year.

The Present Situation of RMG Sector:

Although Bangladesh is not developed in industry, it has been enriched in Garment industries in the recent past years. In the field of Industrialization garment industry is a promising step. The sector now dominates the modern economy in export earnings, secondary impact and...
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