Rizal X Reaction Paper

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Rizal X Reaction Paper
I had a lot of preconceived ideas of what the plot of Rizal X would be. Based at the content of the promotional posters scattered all over the campus, I thought that Rizal X would just be another one of those plays that try to portray a modern day Rizal with modern day problems. So I was pleasantly surprised at how the play turned out. It was quite interesting and refreshing to see a play without a linear plot get successfully pulled off. The manner in which they correlated with the lives and problems of people today to that of the time of Rizal was well done. I was really touched and emotionally affected at how they related the chapter of Crispin and Basilio and that of Cecil to informal settlers and OFWs respectively. It made me realize that occurrences and events that Rizal wrote about more than a hundred years ago are still happening today. Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are still highly relevant today. There are still young Crispins and Basillions out there. Proof of this: just take a look at the street children out there selling sampaguitas and begging for alms. Notice the teenagers out already working and toiling despite being underage. Cecils also still live among us. There are still women out there who are suffering the unspeakable alone. There are still people out there that are driven mad by the plight they suffer. Our women are still relentlessly raped and abused overseas every day. Our women are still treated like animals by certain groups and people. Then there’s Rizal’s love life. This is perhaps one of the highlights of the play. Normally when discussing the women that Rizal got involved with, people and authors tend to highlight how noble and selfless Rizal was with the sacrifices he made by leaving these women. It is usually just Rizal’s pain and heartaches that is put into the spotlight. This segment of the play provides a unique and much sadder side to the story; the point of view of the women. I have...
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