Rizal the Subversive by Jose Ma. Sison

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Paradigm is commonly defined as a “pattern or model”, although the same may also be used to mean “worldview”. Thus, the writer’s paradigm may be construed to mean “the view from which a writer patterns his or her written product”. In other words, the writer’s paradigm gives structure to one’s own writing. Consequently, a paradigm may also provide the writer the “how”, as in the paradigm revolves around the writing process, or the “why”, as in the paradigm revolves around the meaning and intention of the writing process. There may be more than two paradigms in any given field, and such categorization of paradigms may change overtime. For example, the writer’s paradigm may be structured based on how a writer goes through the process of writing. As such, the writer may consider either writing spontaneously, or through careful and conscious selection of words. Another example is that the paradigm may also be structured around the reason and intent of the writer. This means that the writer may consider instead the intended purpose of his written product.

Technical writing involves strict language and format. This type of writing is often employed by experts and professionals. The diction and the manner with which the ideas in the written product are presented are limited by the nature of the material being prepared. On the other hand, literary writing provides leeway to the author in terms of diction, tone, and presentation of the written material. In one sense, literary writing is humanistic in that the literary writer is allowed to express creativity in producing the literary material. For example, a technical report on audit findings will often involve industry-standard paragraphs and phrases that are carefully construed so as to avoid even the slightest misunderstanding between the audience and the auditor, while a literary report on a company’s financial standing will often involve figures of speech. While the two are different species...
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