Perceptions Paper

Topics: Writing, Culture, Mind Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 1, 2008
Effects on Research and Writing

Every person's perceptions are entirely inimitable in their own way. Perception, in itself, means to interpret the world around, in one's own way based on their personally acquired morals, values, and fears. Our minds begin to examine and interpret things using these traits. How does this all relate to research and writing? After making interpretations, a person then begins to form an opinion about the subject at hand. When writing, a topic is given and immediately the writer forms a related opinion about the topic and thus, chooses an arguable side. The next step in the process is to begin delving into researching that topic based on the side that has already been pre-disposed inside the writers mind due to the characteristics that have been infused in them through childhood. These views that people take on in life are not something that occur overnight. How a person is raised, different experiences, and the expectations of life that are instilled in people throughout childhood and beyond are what distinguishes and molds that person's views on the world. Take, for example, Judith Ortiz- Cofer's essay about a Puerto Rican girl raised to grasp her femininity. The essay is written through Ortiz-Cofer's first hand perspective. The woman is brought up in a Latin culture and goes through different situations through childhood which lead her to expectations of how the world will perceive her. In the story she goes on to explain that she was "overdressed during a high school career day" and felt uncomfortable because the other "Caucasian" girls were dressed more conservatively. Events in the story such as these, set the woman up to feel inadequate, fearful, and make her believe that her culture and the way she was raised are misunderstood and others around her are quick to judge by appearance alone. She goes on to explain an incident that occurred later in her life: On a bus trip to London…….a young man, obviously...
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