Rizal Compilation

Topics: Philippines, Corazon Aquino, Benigno Aquino, Jr. Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: December 17, 2012
University of Santo Tomas
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Submitted by:

Elmo Nicolas
Joshua Ordoyo
Jad Tuazon


Submitted to:

Prof. Paul Jurado

December 16, 2012

Table of Contents
A. Comparing Doña Consolacion to Kristina Aquino
By: Joshua Ordoyo

B. Imelda Marcos, The Present Doña Victorina
By: Jad Tuazon

C. The Past has no difference from the Present: Padre Damaso in relation to FG Arroyo By: Elmo Nicolas

Dona Consolacion is the wife of the Alferez of San Diego. She is a Filipina who wears a lot of make up and dresses in mismatched layered clothing. In Noli, she is the one who nearly whipped Sisa to death, got into a fight with Dona Victorina, and convinced the alferez to punish Tarsilo after the latter insulted her in public. She is proclaimed as the Muse of the Civil Guards thanks to her association with the Alferez. She is also known to quarrel often and violently with her husband (which the neighbors find to be a spectacle), criticize other women's looks (she thinks she has a better fashion sense than Maria Clara), and sees herself superior to her countrymen. Kristina Aquino is a Filipina television and movie personality who is famous for hosting talk shows and game shows and appearing in countless endorsments. She is also the daughter of the late senator Benigno Aquino Sr. and Corazon Aquino. Kris Aquino is known to create intrigues and stir controversies because she says things that are at times offensive without her even knowing and eventually get into fights with other famous personalities. She's had many relationships in the past, at least 2 lived-in relationships with married men, and like Dona Consolacion, was in a quarrelous marriage that she publicized on national television to the amusement of the televiewers. Like Dona Consolacion, Kris Aquino is obsessed with herself and her fame as demonstrated whenever she brags about her fair,...
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