Past Is Past - Reaction Paper (History)

Topics: Time, Philippines, Past Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Magtalas, Micah L. Philippine History and Government - 45

October 3, 2012

Past is Past

Past is past. From whom do we often hear this quote? We frequently hear this from different people around us which experienced a lot of things in their lives such as: those people who experienced falling in and out of love and do not want to talk about what they had before hence they bring the flow of their conversation with their friends to another topic; those who are mistreated in their past, avoiding to remember what happened way back then and don’t want to think all over it again; and, those who had a bad experience in their day-by-day dealings in work, school and anywhere else, which they do not feel like to make statements about. However, how could we relate this quote to the history of our country?

It was my first visit to the Philippine National Museum and I began to wonder what things I am going to see there. It somehow looks like the other museums here in the Philippines except that there are more artifacts to see, more information to gain, and more real place to look at. It felt that the present time shifted back to past where you will see the happenings way back from the primitive times up to the present time. It was a flashback though I am never from the past. It was a flashback because exploring around the museum let me remember those times I was holding a textbook and listening to every single thing my teacher said during our discussion in History. Then, there was a question that popped out of my mind. What is the sense of all these things inside the museum and the History classes if only few Filipinos really care on our country?

Before the end of our tour in the museum, we requested a certificate which certifies that we visit the museum. While waiting for it, a few of us were standing around the counter in the lobby of the museum and I went to my friends who read a logbook. I saw...
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