Rizal Ch 9 Facts

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Visited Postdam, city near berlin

Maximo Viola - is a doctor of medicine who lent money to Jose Rizal so that Rizal can publish his first known novel "Noli Me Tangere".

Tour Begins
May 11 1887 left berlin by train
destination was Dresen, one of best cities in Germany

Dr. Adolf B. Meyer - director of the Dresden Museum who admired his all around knowledge and ability, remarked "Rizal’s many-sidedness was stupendous."

DR. FEODOR JAGOR – German scientist-traveler and author of Travels in the Philippines

Professor FERDINAND BLUMENTRITT - Director of the Ateneo of Leitmeritz, Austria. Blumentritt is an Austrian ethnologist and he has an interest in the Philippine language

Prometheus Bound - The famous painting of the Prometheus myth is arguably by Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders c. 1611-1618, oil on canvas. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Story: Prometheus was a titan; He was a champion for mankind, known for his witty intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day.

First Meeting with Bluementritt
Bluementritt was a great tourist guide and a hospitable host He showed scenic and historical spots of leitmeritz to his visitors

The Burgomaster(town mayor) was amazed by Rizal's "privileged talent" because of his fluent german speaking skills in just 11 months of learning.

May 16, 1887 9:45 am. They left Leitmeritz by train

They visited the historic city of Prague
The Good professor welcomed them and showed them the city's historic spots.

Visited The tomb of capurnicus, the museum of natural history, the bacteriological laboratories, the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, the catholic saint was prisoned, and the bridge from which this saint was hurdled into the river known as the Vltava River...
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