Europe Travels of Rizal with Viola

Topics: Danube, Rome, Germany Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Rizal Travels with Dr. Viola
Dr. Maximo Viola- his travelling companion
P 1,000.00 – money he received from his brother Paciano.
May 11, 1887- Rizal and Viola left Berlin by train
* Dresden - first destination (one of the best cities in Germany) * Dr. Adolph Meyer – they visited who was overjoyed to them. * Museum of Art – they visited where they strolled at the scene of Floral Exposition * Dr. Jagor – they met at the museum who advised Rizal to write Blumentritt before proceeding to him for he has a nervous disposition that time and his arrival might cause a shock at their visit. * Leitmeritz, Czechoslovakia – the travelers boarded a train * Dr. Blumentritt met them and served as their host and tourist guide during their stay. * Hotel Krebs – the travelers’ room.

* Prague – they toured around the city and visited the tomb of the famous astronomer, Copernicus. * Vienna – their next destination known as the “Ocean of the Danube”. * They visited museums, churches, art galleries, theaters and public parks. * May 24 – they left Vienna on boat to see the beautiful sights of the Danube River. * Lintz – voyage ending

* Overland travel – Salzburg to Munich to Nuremberg (one of the oldest city of Germany) to Ulm with a cathedral (considered the largest and tallest in all Germany) to Scuttgart, Baden, then to Rheinhall (Cascade of the Rhine) where they saw the most beautiful waterfall in Europe. * They crossed the frontier to Schaffhausen, Switzerland to Basel, Bern and Lausanne. * Left Lausanne in a little boat crossing foggy Leman to Geneva. * The people of Geneva were linguists who talked in three languages namely French, German and Italian. * June 19, 1887 – Rizal treated Viola to a sumptuous meal. * It was his 26th birthday

* Rizal and Viola spent fifteen days in Geneva before they parted ways. * Viola returned to Barcelona and Rizal continued his tour to Italy. * Rizal...
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