Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Poverty Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: January 11, 2013
It’s been 150 years …

It’s been 150 years when we learn to fight the Spaniards from our rights. Opened our eyes in what evil things they’re making out. Unite as one and light up the fire in our mind and soul. Through the elements of the strong, powerful, and very influential books of Dr. Jose Rizal, we Filipinos, are able to wake up in our long time of sleeping. It is true that pen is sharper than a sword. It’s been 150 years when Rizal gave his life to our country for us to be awaken in the abuses, wrong doings, and treats of Spaniards to the Filipinos. It’s been a very long time but his advocacy of opening the hearts of the people as he spread the bastardness of the evils through literature, doesn’t die. The spirit and lessons, ideas and truths about the Kastila’s which was contained in his book was alive and will not vanish in the consciousness of Filipino individuals. It’s been 150 years but it seems that we don’t learn. Still there are many poor families. Many people were hungry. Many don’t have their homes. Our high percentage of forest wealth was lost. Our culture of different aspects was slowly destroying because of the different influences that come in our consciousness as time go by. Our country was always in debts. It’s been 150 years but how come in this very long time we’re still at the bottom of the society? We’re still in the bottom of the list? Although we are rich in natural resources. The government is in charged in the system of the country. Our progress is in the hands of the president. If Rizal was alive today and is able to see the abuses to the “Kaban ng Bayan” by the different buwayas in our government, especially those Mayors in Local Government and some evil members of House of Representatives, it is the point where he will write about. We can’t deny the fact—corruption exists. As it was done by buwayas. In local government, the fund for their jurisdiction was almost exact. From the biggest things, up to smallest details....
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