River Flows in You-Yiruma

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9 September 2011
River Flows In You: Yiruma
“River Flows In You” by the South Korean composer Yiruma is a calming and beautiful contemporary classical melody. The song is presented very simply, a single artist with a piano, but this simplicity effectively reaches the audience and creates for them a mood and background to the song. In essence, this work is a love story that is translated into a romantic refrain that combines the use of the senses and dynamics to convey the feeling of the melody.

Like many other pieces of classical music, when words are not there to convey emotion the composer wishes the audience to rely on their senses and the feelings that come to when listening to their piece of work. In this piece Yiruma’s melody taps into the senses by giving images of beauty and safety to the audience. When listening to the melody a warmth is felt throughout the entirety of the piece. This warmth is directly related to the theme of love that most audience members feel. The tune conjures up images that relate to love, whether it be a romance between a woman and a man, a widowed lover remembering a moment with their lost loved one, or a mother for her son. The tune is the exact mixture of love and loss in a set of notes repeated in phrases and can be interpreted into the many different forms of love that a person feels. Because the song is an instrumental piece the listener must use their own lyrics that they feel as well as the composer’s tools to translate the meaning of the song.

In this piece of music Yiruma relies heavily on the use of dynamics throughout the work. The calm feeling that settles the audience in the beginning of the song is created by the slow tempo and as the song progresses the tempo then increases to a slight climax before going back to its original pace. This use of dynamics in the tempo sets the mood for the entire song, starting with a calmness that relaxes the listener, then as the tempo...
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