Edward Elgar – Violin Concerto in B Minor, Op. 61, No.1

Topics: Fritz Kreisler, Violin, Edward Elgar Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.61 is one of the most well-known concerto works which composited by Edward Elgar. Elgar first composited this masterpiece and dedicated to Fritz Kreisler, a famous violinist and composer of early 20th century. On the 10 November 1910, Kreisler played this violin concerto as the first violin player on the premiere with Elgar conducted the concert. This concerto brought Elgar to another but last peak of his composition career. Also, this is one of his most popular and representative works. Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.61 is a piece that Elgar had put tons of his own emotions and personal feelings into the melodies. In the article, “Charles Sanford Terry and Elgar’s Violin Concerto” which introduced by Alison I. Shiel in “Edward Elgar and His World”, Shiel mentioned, “Scholars have subjected the concerto itself to detailed analysis, much of it in terms of the gender of it various themes, the implication being that the melodies are meant to represent some romantic entanglement of Elgar’s, past of present.” The first movement of the concerto is a beautiful sonata with few related themes which change in various ways. You can find out the tutti and soloist somehow at a point also presenting two different melodic ideas at the same time. The solo part perfectly expresses the love and the words in the “Windflower” poem. Beautiful violin positions shifting and the soft bowings complete the feelings of romantic relationship. This is no way for people to question love like this after listening to this masterpiece from Elgar, which presented his love to the one.
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