Rising Five

Topics: Stanza, Poetry, Childhood Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Rising Five by Norman Nicholson

Analyze “Rising Five” in detail, with reference to the text. “Rising Five” is written by Norman Nicholson. Nicholson had a sick childhood, and during illnesses, he would write his poems. He always wrote in relation to nature. His persistent illnesses make him appreciate life even more. In “Rising Five”, his main theme is the fact that people are always looking to the future, and seldom look at their present. In this poem, there is a significant metaphor, the character of a little boy. Nicholson relates the young boy’s behavior and appearance to his inner desire to grow up quickly. He represents people, and their constant desire to grow, with the thought that maturity would give them better choices in life. The poem starts off with a well heard of phrase, “I’m rising five”. This line hints on the theme of the poem. A four year old child is anxious to grow up, he never enjoys the present, but instead, wants to be five already. This phrase gives a pleasant sound to the poem. The part, ‘I’m Rising’, implies an upward, relaxed motion, with the long vowel ‘I’m’ giving the phrase an easy expansiveness. The effect Norman achieved was the idea of unlimited time and space, The poem starts off with a child stating his age, “I’m rising five”. This first line already gives hint that people never look at the present. The boy, himself is looking forward to growing up. The phrase “little coils” of hair, with the “L” sound ath the end, gives a very happy, innocent, and light tone to the first stanza. “Brimful of eyes to stare” this phrase gives the readers the impression of an adorable cild, and helps lighten the tone. “Above his toffee buckled...
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