Glasgow 5th March 1971

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Critical Evaluation – “Glasgow 5th March 1971 eassay

Write about a poem that you have read which paints a vivid picture for the reader. Refer to imagery and word choice in your answer.

In English a poem I have studies is “Glasgow 5th March 1971” by Edwin Morgan. In the poem Edwin Morgan paints a vivid picture by using imagery and thought his choice of words.

The poem is set in Glasgow at night in March 1971. A young couple are walking by a shop when two young youths push the young couple into the shop window. The youths then rob the shop. The couple are badly injured. No one stops to help, even two drivers just keep their eyes on the road. The poem is “an instamatic poem”. This is where he captures the whole scene as it happens. Morgan uses the present tense making us see it as if we were there.

Edwin Morgan paints a vivid picture for the reader by using imagery in the poem. In the opening line of the poem he uses and effective metaphor.

“A ragged diamond”

Near the middle of the poem Edwin Morgan uses a metaphor.

“Starfished out”

By writing this we can imagine being there.
Edwin Morgan writes “spurts” in the poem, it is an effective onomatopoeia. You can imagine arms and you feel sorry for her.

Edwin Morgan uses a variety of different, interesting words to paint a vivid picture for the reader. In the poem Edwin Morgan writes “arterial” to describe how bad the injury was. The injury sounds worse. It makes me imagine it and more disgusting. Near the end of the poem Edwin Morgan writes “operation”, it is an odd word that makes the robbery sound more interesting. It tells us how they must have planned it. It suggests that they are carrying the robbery out efficiently. It makes us feel annoyed and angry at the youths because they done it.

Edwin Morgan writes about “wet-look white coat”. Edwin Morgan tells us that the coat is white so that we imagine the blood redder. I think he tells us that the coat is wet-look so we...
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