Glasgow 5th of March

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Glasgow 5th march

Edwin Morgan's poem "Glasgow 5th March 1971" is about an incident in Glasgow in which a man and woman have been pushed through a window so that two youths can complete a robbery. Through the use of poetic techniques such as onomatopoeia, Morgan effectively describes the moments of the incident, the extent of the man's and woman's injuries, and the lack of emotion conveyed by the two youths as to what had just happened. What im going to write about is the different types of poet’s techniques The first technique that is used in the poem is onomatopoeia the word is used to make us visualise the glass breaking and it also tells us the type of noise the glass made when it broke. By doing this he gives us the impression of the glass breaking into tiny pieces and the noise that it would have made. "Of shattered glass " The use of the word 'bristling', in the next couple of lines, suggests that the young man has a short beard of splintered glass and would not have been so effective if it had been the woman's face because the growth of beards is associated with men. It is also awful to think that the he may have to live the rest of his life, if he survives his injuries, with a face covered in scars. In the next few lines Morgan uses sickening irony to show how the girl's “wet-look white coat” is no longer wet-look but literally wet; no longer pure white but with splashes of contrasting red like blood on snow. The word 'spurts' also gives a much greater effect than any other word he could have used. “plate-glass” is a strong 1970 style type of glass but mostly all people have them now, for the glass to break the individuals must have been strongly pushed, this idea is created by falling backwards” as it indicates that the injured have been picked up and threw in to the window and not just pushed. The reader actually feels as if they are at the scene of the incident, which makes the poem easier to understand. The poet tries to convey the sense of...
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