Rise to Rebellion

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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Rise to Rebellion

The Boston Massacre
John Adams
* His response when he first walked out of his home was almost confusion and then when he found out what had happened he was almost dismayed at what the British had done. During the trail Quincy comes in with the man explaining how he personally knows Captain Thomas and believes he is being arrested and tried under false charge. * External conflict: The information given to John about the riot arrangement appears to be true dismaying his thoughts of the British. * Internal conflict: John doesn’t want to believe that someone could possible arrange a massacre like that, especially the British.

Thomas Gage
* Gage is discussing the riot with Governor Hutchinson and they both have two different opinions towards it. Gage want’s to catch the culprits and punish then, while Hutchinson days they can’t be helped. * External conflict: He tries to voice his opinion while remembering he is speaking to the governor. * Internal conflict: He is not seeing eye to eye with the gov. making it hard to get what he wants done. Governor Hutchinson

* His outlook on the massacre is more freeing. He thinks the men who started it cannot be helped so why bother to try. * No internal conflict, but his external would be his difference of opinion with Gage.

Ben Franklin
* Franklin finds it ridiculous that colonists are killing one another like that. He thinks the foolish event was at the hands of Sam Adams * Internal conflict: Franklin doesn’t really know who to exactly blame for this event. * External conflict: Johnsons pushes his beliefs of hanging involved colonist and soldiers franklin doesn’t know whether to agree or not.

Townshend Acts/ Destruction of Gaspee
John Adams
* The Gaspee was sailed to seize cargo from any ship without the British flag. The captain Duddington soon came to realize the ship was unlucky when they crashed ashore; Duddington and his first mate were sent afloat and the Gaspee burnt to the ground. In later time the English were blamed for the Gaspee’s defat ashore. * Adams is quite unsatisfied when the parliament repeals the Townshend Acts. He believed that if give enough troops he could have put down all the riots. * Internal conflict: I feel Adams is frustrated but, especially by Sam Adams, I fell like Sam is always trying to start a fight. * External conflict: Hutchinson is just letting Samuel interrupt him and talk to him in such a manner that is almost disrespectful and towards the end of the chapter Samuel tells John he is now a son of liberty.

Ben Franklin
* During Strahan and Franklin’s conversation, Franklin confides he doesn’t really see the point in all this fight, because on man cannot change much anyway. So his conflict would be both external and internal, him trying to figure out the purpose.

Thomas Gage
* After the Gaspee incident the there was no policy to come out of England, so Gage used that to his advantage and sailed there on the Earl of Dunmore.

Boston Tea Party
John Adams
* John get hinted about the Boston Tea Party thought his chapter, not huge ones. But, good enough clue to where he could imply something. He kinda deals with internal and external conflicts thought this chapter. He does come to the realization that his ship either must be sunk or destroyed by the navy. Ben Franklin

* Franklin’s first reaction to the tea dump was to attend the meeting in the tavern. * Internal conflict: as he sips his tea in his office, he thinks of the salt water. The gutsy men dressed as Indians and realize no one will be convicted. * External conflict: He remembers to verbal attacks set towards him back in the tavern and realizes the thick skin he must have to be a public official. Thomas Gage

* He first found the tea dumping to be a shocking act of action, then he came to realize that he had to step it up, being commander and chief to the king. As Gage talks...
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