Conflict in Litrature

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Conflict in Literature
Summary: Conflict in literature, whether it is internal or external or is physical or psychological, provides a way to enrich any piece of fiction or nonfiction writing. As authors as diverse as Mitch Albom, William Shakespeare, and Arthur Hugh Clough reveal through their works, literature and history would not have such an impact on our lives today without the presence of conflict. Types of Conflict in Literature

By: Rachel Mork
There are five main types of conflict in literature. Conflict is drama between two opposing forces in a piece of literature. If you have sufficient conflict, you will be able to move the plot forward and keep the attention of your reader. If your writing lacks conflict, it will lack tension and will fall flat. The five most common types of conflict used in literature are as follows: 1. Character Struggling Against Another Character: This is the most obvious form of conflict, when a character in a book struggles with another character in the book. This can be in the form of arguments, conflicting desires, opposing goals, physical confrontations or emotional dilemmas. A book like Kramer Versus Kramer is full of conflict between a married couple in the throes of divorce and a custody battle. 2. Character Struggling Internally With Self: Sometimes conflict is internal. When a character struggles with moral dilemmas, emotional challenges or desires he or she deems unsavory, the conflict is with the character's own soul or conscience. In Sophie's Choice, Sophie must decide which of her children to save and which of her children to sacrifice to the Nazis, a conflict of the soul. In Crime and Punishment, the main character struggles with his inability to forgive himself. Just because conflict is internal does not make the conflict any less compelling or exciting. 3. Character Struggling Against Forces of Nature: Sometimes all the characters in the book are the good guys and the conflict in the book is between...
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