Riordan Finance and Accounting

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Riordan Manufacturing Finance and Accounting

Riordan Enterprise is in need of an upgraded system that will help improve the business performance in the Finance and Accounting department. The issues that is ongoing is within the organization is unacceptable and are in need of solutions as soon as possible. One issue is concerning the software application that is design for plastics processors and more does not include the license for the source code. Another situation is that software was purchased from a vendor, now is no longer in business. There is a need to improve the Income Statement and Balance Sheet within a shorter period of time, audits needs to be reduced to cut cost and labor, updated reports with government new rules and regulations. Riordan will need to add Business License and Tax program to the Finance and Accountant Department. This will help the department in having their own programmer who writes programs. Also the system will ensure that the business is within tax compliance. This system calculates the users liability, tracks all transaction, and more automatically. This system will minimize human error, cost, and time. Riordan will need to challenge the Finance department and give structure that is efficient and reactive to improve span of control and liability in the finance organization. This will help identify root causes within the business. With the challenges Riordan face, these programs should offer a rewarding outcome.

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