Rio Grande

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Rio Grande Supply Company
Jasper Hennings, President of Rio Grande Supply Company, this is Texas based wholesale plumbing supply company. Jasper’s management team a good set of living standard. Company’s management and employees set for good values integrity, honesty, and respect for each personality employee. Rio Grande Supply company’s one the major internet use policy that employees were not use the company’s computers for whatever thing but business relevance actions. A company’s management has power to right to use and review anything employees made, stored, sent and established on company tools. A president of company, Jasper Hennings need make some critical decision about employee who violated company’s policy and agreement. Environment Factors Affecting Rio Grande Supply Company

There are two employees who violated company’s policy, Henry Darger, chief of operation, terminated a female employee for unauthorized access to another employee’s email. A terminated female employee claimed Henry Darger of doubtful activity with company’ equipment and Henry Darger accepted that he was logging on to adult website at the office to get away his difficulty. These are problems that Mr. Hennings will face with which affect and take palace value of integrity, honest, and respect. There are some other factor take place affecting organization reputations, taking action against employees, beliefs, social values, and culture. External environment. A considering the new technologies advancement, it is probable company’s employee do use computers related matters such as downloading music and research buying online thing and checking emails. There are always in every company these kind problems when employee’s uses cell phones texting their friends and taking call during work or taking and making plans after work. Mr. Henning should consider these all factor which is very common in these new technology worlds. Internal environment. The management of...
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