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Slang term used to describe employees who surf the net, write e-mail or other Internet-related activities at work that are not related to their job. These activities are performed during periods of time when they are being paid by their employer. The individual is called a cyberloaf(er), while the act is cyberloafing. Same as cyberslacking("What is cyberloafing," 2011).

This article simply shows that now Americans are more inclined to “slack off” from their jobs. Statistics show that the average American worker spends 60 to 80 percent of his of her time on the internet engaging in tasks that have nothing to do with their jobs. Now it is foolish to believe that the internet is the only thing that people use to “goof off” however with the invention of smart phones, tablets and MP3 players finding ways to “slack off” have become easier to do.

“According to a study conducted by MSNBC , one-fifth of all people who have visted pornographic websites have done it from work. One-third of workers surveyed by the society of financial service professionals reported playing computer games while at the work. Eighty-three percent of companies surveyed by the privacy foundation indicated that their employees were using e-mail for personal purposes. “(Greenberg & Baron, 2011).

This has become a major problem in fact companies report a major loss in productivity and costs Company’s money. “In fact Cyber loafing are costing US organizations, both private and Public, untold millions of dollars a year. In fact, one $40,000/year employee can cost his or her employer as much as $5,000 dollars a year.” (Greenberg & Baron, 2011). This trend has in itself has created a new business in its self in the form of monitoring and net controlling software as well as Smartphone blocking technologies. Some examples of these things include, Spy Agent, Web Watcher, PC...
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