How Do Employers Moniter Internet Usage at Work

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This article informs us the readers on how and what forms an employer can monitor our internet usage while at work. The main reason that we see this at work is due to our advance technology at the work place. Almost all companies have access to the internet at work which entices the workers to go to websites that are not work related. This article does not debate whether it is legal or illegal. It provides information on the two basic types that employers use to monitor, internet and desktop surveillance. This article explains that they use spyware like hackers do to monitor an employee’s internet usage, website visits, emails sent, information on emails, and streaming videos. This information provides specific work or unrelated work this employee is conducting to include the time spent. While conducting desktop surveillance it does all of the aforementioned to include offline activity. All systems are connected to the administrator’s computer and he can actually connect via remote and monitor while you are in front without knowing. I believe this article was mediocre in all. It did provide information that I was not aware like the two basic ways employers monitor. I feel they could have gone more in depth in this area. I know this article was not mean to debate whether it was legal or illegal but does cover the basic legal rights the employer and employee have.

J. Bean (2010).WiseGEEK; How do Employers monitor internet usage at work? Retrieved June 13, 2010, from
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