Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

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Semester 2 2011-2012

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Case Study 4.1 Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster
MGT 4110K-1
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(a) Why is this emotions management important in the job of nurses and other medical staff? In what way do medical staffs alter the emotions of their patients?


Emotions management is important because it will gives good effects to the nurses and other medical staff and also to the patients.

The staff will have higher level of job satisfaction when they are able to manage their emotions very well. They will feel easy to do their job and they will do their job in a happy mood. When they are satisfied with their job, it will improve their performance and will lead them to a productive worker. Moreover, it will reduce the employee turnover, resulting in more consistent and familiar services. This behaviour can also affect their relationships with the patients. Well management of emotions can discharge positive vibes to the patients.

Medical staff can alter the emotions of their patients by social awareness. A staff’s social awareness can influence his or her relationship with a patient. For example, staffs who is...
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