Rice Cakes and Starbucks

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Rice Cakes and Starbucks
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1. Summary of “Rice Cakes and Starbucks” This text “Rice Cakes and Starbucks” is a short story written by Esther Freud from 2009. The story’s theme is family, career and the American dream. The story takes place in Los Angeles and north London. The story is about the Lindens family, Beth, Dan and their children. Beth is a fulltimehousewife and mother of three. Dan is Beth’s husband, an actor and father. Dan’ dream is to become a great and famous actor, in America Dan and his family go to the America, where Dan continues pursuing his acting carrier dream. A few days after their arrival in America, Dan is going to a casting meeting. But unfortunately, the woman isn’t interested in Dan, but interested in Dan’s seven-year-old daughter Honey, but Dan refuses their interest for his daughter, without telling Beth about the offering, and pretends like nothing has happened. 2. Who are the main characters? Dan: Dan Lindens is a man in his best age, young and educated. He is husband to Beth, and together they have 3 children, Grace, Honey and Ben. The story does not directly tell us, how old Dan exactly is, but indirectly the story tell us, that he is about thirty-to-forty-years-old, because that their middle child, Honey is seven- years-old, and Honey and Ben is still using pajamas and armbands in the pool. Grace is using muslin, and still cannot stay upright on her own, which tells us that Grace is a baby, about one-year-old (Page 10 line 97). And therefore Dan cannot be more or less than about thirty-to-forty-years-old. Dan is a family man, together with his wife Beth and their three not yet grownup children, but not with a big F. Dan really only wanted one child, but as the years passed with Beth,

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they ended up with three children. (Page 8 line 31) This tells us that the family man Dan isn’t a family man with a big F, because his carrier also means a lot to him. Dan is also a perfectionist. He wants everything to be...
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