Rhino Wars

Topics: Rhinoceros, Poaching, Writing Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: December 25, 2012

Peter Gwin, the award-winning staff writer at National Geographic magazine is the author that we chose to criticize based on his great article, “Rhino Wars”. The piece of writing from the March issue of the National Geographic Magazine examines the current state of rhinos & rhino poaching in South Africa and other regions. His writing gives the reader an insight of rhino poaching for their horns and how it jeopardizes the species that are facing extinction.


“Rhino Wars” is mainly about the poaching of these animals and the risk of extinction the species faces due to their horns. He starts off by writing about Damien Mander, a former Australian Special Forces sniper who is in the jungle working on thwarting illegal poaching of rhinos. He then explains about the statistics of rhino poaching, consisting of the numbers of rhinos killed throughout the years and the poachers that were caught. He also goes into the value of the horns of the creature in the black market, and how the high profitability rate of this illegal syndicate has led many parties to join in. Besides that, he describes about Gideon Van Deventor, an expert in rhino poaching, and how he got into the trade. Gwin then continues on to the market of the rhinos’ horns, especially in Vietnam. He also explicates about the medicinal value of the horns and how this augmented the demand for them. The next part of the article is about John Hume, an entrepreneur who owns rhino herds and how he suggests prying the horns without killing the animal. In addition, he gives explanations about the resistance that may be faced by inhibiting the illegal poaching. To sum it up, this article gives us an understanding of illegitimate rhino poaching, the importance of their horns, and how because of this, these poor beasts are facing the hazard of extermination.


Gwin starts off by writing about Damien Mander, expressing him as a hard-muscled...
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