Expository Writing - an Elephant Crackup

Topics: Human, Mammal, Elephant Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Lea Cherbaka
Expository Writing
Professor Joanne Sills
January 26, 2010

Civil Mammals
Violence has become a major problem in modern-day society. Gruesome video games and certain entertainment shows such as pro-wrestling has been exposing violence to kids that later on wish to emulate these actions. These actions are then publicized to the world by violent acts toward other species and human beings. In his article, “An Elephant Crackup,” Charles Siebert depicts the violence that humans have done toward the elephant culture and how humans should put a stop to these acts and save elephants from extinction. With his strong defense on elephants, Siebert gives the reader a better understanding of the violence that is going on not only toward elephants and wildlife, but also toward modern-day civic life. Elephants are wild creatures just like humans and, therefore, both species must take care of one another to obtain a better and healthier society. With positive human action, both man and pachyderm can be raised with proper guidance, eliminating the violence that would put both species at risk.

Both elephants and humans are alike in many ways and, therefore, should of have empathy toward each other’s lives. Aside from the fact that both man and pachyderm are mammals, their culture’s and the structure of their society are strikingly similar. In the short story, “An Elephant Crackup,” Siebert provides examples where human life and elephant life can relate to one another: “Young elephants are raised within an extended, multitiered network of doting female caregivers that includes the birth mother, grandmothers, aunts and friends (Siebert 529).” This greatly relates to human society in which females are also the primary caretakers of their offspring. Family is important in the elephant culture as well as in human culture. The fact that humans are breaking the ties within family bonds has caused elephants to...
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