Topics: American football, Sacrifice, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Individuals make sacrifices and compromises in order to belong. Discuss.

In exploring the themes of identity and belonging, individuals (are the individuals exploring the themes? That’s how it reads.) will make sacrifices against certain things in order to belong in society, this usually results in the loss of identity. In life, many people will have to make very difficult decisions, which lead them to make sacrifices or compromise. The most common sacrifices and compromises are usually personal, such as against family which may lead certain people to take up another culture, against sexual orientation which may lead the person to quit something they love doing and against education which may result in the loss of family tradition.

Sacrifices are made against family so individuals can belong in society and different groups (phrasing). In the story of ‘Five Ways to Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother’, Diana, who is the main character, makes a lot of sacrifices against her family to get what she wants. Diana was ugly when she was in high school, she described herself as an “Asian bookworm with big owl-eyed glasses and a brown school uniform two sizes large” (how are her looks relevant to the essay topic?). Her mother’s dream was for Diana to become a doctor, but Diana did not want this. The worst sacrifice she made was having a boyfriend (it was not a sacrifice to have a boyfriend), which to her mother was “a big no-no, no boyfriend until after university”. Diana’s boyfriend was Chinese and this was a problem in her mother’s rule books. This sacrifice against her family broke many family rules, and all Diana wanted was to belong in the world as she saw herself as ugly and thought having a boyfriend would solve her problem (she never says this Daniel. Make sure you are not making assertions about people without reasonable evidence for it.). This resulted in Diana getting kicked out of her home and being seen as a slut daughter. After five years she was still...
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