Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, Tampon, Fallacy Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Angelica Leyva
Laura Horton- DePass
English 1020
September 19, 2012

Breaking All the Rules

Sand between my toes and enjoying some sun while gathered around with a group of friends is what I call, a definition of a great time. The ad Tampax Pearl from Seventeen magazines sells the product through the use of rhetorical fallacies logos, ethos, and pathos. There are six fallacies, and throughout the magazine they are represented by the text, the women in the white bikini, and the beach: false cause, hasty generalization, non sequitur, and appeal to ignorance, false authority, and bandwagon. In the background are the sounds of waves clashing against one another, the sun beginning to lower, and the scent of a bonfire. The game of limbo used as an entertainment to influence laughter, and competition spread to one another. The layout also is represented as entertainment to ones eye, daring you to find out the product that is being sold. Your eyes are automatically are drawn to the women that appears directly in the center of the ad wearing a white bikini, and apparently is bending over backwards in an unnatural method. “At a moment like THIS I don’t care if my tampons came in a little black box. I just want ‘em to work.” This is a quote that is located right above the blonde, exaggerating at the game of limbo. From the quote above, the word “this” is what catches your attention first because it is capitalized and in a different font, which made me re-read the statement. As the glow of the sun distracts me to all the brunettes that surround the center of attention I then notice the beach. The product being sold is the last thing I became aware of. The layout makes one want to buy the product merely because it doesn’t remind you of being on their period, it does a good job of distracting ones thoughts from the seven days, making you think that that’s how their tampons work as well. A visual of the box, Tampax Pearl, is located on the bottom of the...
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