Aussie Haircare Product English Language Essay

Topics: Question, Rhetorical question, Debut albums Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Aussie Hair Product Magazine Advert Essay
The genre of this text is an advert aimed at a predominantly female audience with the purpose of informing them about their hair care product and persuading them to buy it. The text uses informal and uncomplicated lexis in a light hearted tone to seem friendly and inviting to the reader as well as keeping it simple to read. The text includes many semantic fields such as appearance (hair, dress and stilettos), star signs (Pisces and Capricorn) and Party (celebrate, hair and dress). This shows the advert is directly targeting women in this advert by naming women’s clothing and what they thing that women are interested in (star signs). In the text there are examples of imperatives such as “slip on”, “sharpen” and “party” which command the reader to party and have fun as well as using the product. There are declaratives such as “it’s the 110th anniversary” which provide information for the reader as well as exclamations like “woo hoo!” that emphasizes the text. There are examples of rhetorical questions such as “why?” and “don’t care?” which make the reader asked themselves that question and can be very persuading as it is trying to get the reader to buy the hair product. There are examples of positive pre-modification such as “party dress” and “good day” that make the advert seem happy and idealist. The advert uses elliptical construction which is mimicking speech to seem friendlier which has a positive effect on the reader. There is a use of the theory of Fairclough in which the text is made up of synthetic personalisation. There are many pragmatics in the advert. There is the implication that all women would want to look “nice”, that the product is fast or good, that it is unique or one of a kind when it calls its product a “miracle”, an obsession with star signs and inclusive pronoun “we” to show teamwork or fake friendliness. The text uses two types of phonology in that there is rhyme in “woo hoo!” and uses of...
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