Reward Is a Predictor of Job Satisfaction: a Question of the Relationship.

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Relationship between job rewards and job satisfaction3
Significance of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Reward in Organizations7
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Reward is a Predictor of Job Satisfaction: A question of the relationship. Introduction
The employees of the organization should be satisfied in order to have a healthy environment at the work place. Rewards are one of the most significant issues in corporations in the field of human resource management. According to the online dictionary, reward is defined as the, “Incentive plans: scheme to support and reinforce desirable behavior, such as wage rage that increases with the productivity of the worker” (, 2010). According to Sandra O’Neal (1998) rewards “can help create a work experience that meets the needs of employees and encourages them to contribute extra effort, by developing a deal that addresses a broad range of issues and by spending reward dollars where they will be most effective in addressing workers’ shifting values.” Theorists and practitioners often emphasis the importance on reward systems and how they add to motivate employees, however, one step forward is the relationship between reward and how it acts as a predictor of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is another crucial issue in human resource management, because it is important to have satisfied and content employees working in an organization so that they can perform at their optimal capacity. Job satisfaction can be defined as “a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences” (Edwin, 1976). According to another journal, Edwin (1976) defined job satisfaction as “a function of the range of specific satisfaction and dissatisfactions that he/she experiences with respect to the various dimensions of work” (Riaz et al, 2010). It is known that its best to have satisfied employees in the organization, however, a satisfied worker is not necessarily a high performer and a high performer is not necessarily a satisfied worker. Satisfaction may lead to good performance however, a good performance may just as well be the cause of satisfaction, the relationship can be reciprocal (Micheal, 2008). It is unrealistic to prove that there is only one factor affecting job satisfaction. Satisfaction level can vary from employee to employee, what some employees deem as satisfactory might not be satisfactory for another employee working in another organization or industry. There are many determinants of job satisfaction, such as work values, maladjustments, work rewards, work ethics, personal attributes, hours of work, emotions, performance, threat to work stability, work environment and other external factors. Therefore we can comprehend that there is a relationship between job satisfaction and work rewards. This study will help analyze to what extent do reward systems motivate the employees such that they performance efficiently, thereby providing them optimal job satisfaction.

Relationship between job rewards and job satisfaction
In this age of global competition, most organizations try to ensure that their employees are motivated and satisfied in order to get the best performance from them. Rewards strategies are usually associated with human resource development in order to increase the performance level of employees by motivating and satisfying their needs. The question is what drives job satisfaction? – The person or the situation? According to Jon and Randy (2006) there are three approaches to explaining job satisfaction; need based, cognitive process and non-cognitive process. Needs are said to drive behavior through the combination of need activation and need satisfaction.

Layoff announced; Need for security is activated

Layoff announced; Need for security is activated

Need is...
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