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1. A great Greek philosopher, he was the first person to study nature systematically. ARISTOTLE 2. He laid the foundation of modern scientific thought and assembled materials for an organized encyclopedia of all knowledge. ARISTOTLE 3. He was the foremost natural philosopher in ancient times. ARISTOTLE 4. A Benedictine nun, she contributed the medical work “Causea et Curae et Physica”. HILDEGARD OF BENGEN 5. An astronomer who proposed that the sun was the center of the universe. -NICOLAS COPERNICUS

6. He discovered the circulation of the blood which ushered in the new age in the study of medicine and biology. WILLIAM HARVEY 7. He was the first to raise the telescope to the sky to study the universe. GALILEO GALILEI 8. He formulated the 3 laws of planetary motion. JOHANNES KEPLER 9. He proposed the Theory of Evolution. CHARLES DARWIN

10. She discovered radioactivity. MADAME MARIE CURIE
11. He discovered the germ that causes tuberculosis. ROBERT KOCH 12. He became famous for his work on fermentation and decay. –LOUIS PASTEUR 13. He proposed the Theory of Relativity. ALBERT EINSTEIN

14. He won the Nobel Prize for his work on photoelectric effect. ALBERT EINSTEIN 15. She determined the structure of biochemical compounds essential I treating pernicious anemia. -DOROTHY HODGKIN

16. He is considered as the “father of geothermal energy development”. ARTURO ALCARAZ 17. He invented a fertilizer call farmer’s pure organic fertilizer. ABRAHAM Q. TADEJA 18. He invented a solar engine that can generate electricity for home use. JESUS ALVERO 19. A national scientist, is best remembered for his work on medicinal plants. He discovered over 4,000 plant species. EDUARDO A. QUISUMBING 20. It is the scientific way of solving problems. SCIENTIFIC METHOD 21. It is a systematic and logical procedure in solving problems. SCIENTIFIC METHOD 22. It is a challenge or a task which a scientist undertakes for scientific purposes. PROBLEM 23. It is an educated guess about a certain phenomenon. HYPOTHESIS 24. It refers to the general procedure on how to carry out an experiment. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 25. These are the factors that are multiplied or changed. INDEPENDENT VARIABLES 26. These are the factors that change in response to the independent variable. DEPENDENT VARIABLE 27. It is a unit of measure used by Egyptians. CUBIT

28. It is the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. CUBIT 29. It is a modernized version of the metric system. INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF UNITS/SI SYSTEM 30. It provides a logical and interconnected framework for all measurements in science, industry, and commerce. INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF UNITS/SI SYSTEM 31. It is used to weigh small masses of objects. PLATFORM BALANCE 32. It is equivalent to a foot and consists of 12 inches. RULER 33. It used in measuring length and distance. RULER

34. It used to measure length and distance. It consists of 100 centimeters. METERSTICK 35. Measures time in seconds, minutes, and hours. STOPWATCH 36. It measures volume of liquids. GRADUATED CYLINDER

37. It measures atmospheric temperature. THERMOMETER
38. It measures the force or weight of objects. SPRING BALANCE 39. These are the digits that indicate the certainty of the number of units in a measured quantity. SIGNIFICANT FIGURES 40. It is a shorthand writing of extremely large or small figures. SCIENTIFIC NOTATION 41. It is the changing from smaller to bigger unit and vice versa. CONVERSION 42. It is the distance from one point to another. LENGTH

43. It is the basic standard unit in the metric system. METER 44. It is the space occupied by matter. VOLUME
45. It is the amount of matter in an object. MASS
46. It refers to the quantity of matter. MASS
47. It is a quantity of matter which does not change with altitude of a place. MASS 48. It is used to measure the volume...
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