A Script for Archimedes Play

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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A Script for Archimedes Play

Curtain opens and Father is reading a newspaper.
At Ahmed’s house
Mohamed: (Bouncing the ball and enters the stage)
Ahmed, Aren’t you coming to play today?

Ahmed: (From inside)
One more to do……….

Mohamed: (to the audience)
Maths is always his favourite subject

Ahmed: Do you know today we learnt something very interesting for maths.

Father: (Interrupting and getting up from the chair)
What did you learn today, Ahmed?

Ahmed: How to find the area of a circle by using a formula pi x r2 Mohamed: What is pi?
Ahmed: It is a value 22/7.

Father: Do you like to know about the person who discovered pi?

Ahmed & Mohamed: Oh! Yes father.

Father: (sitting on a chair, Mohamed and Ahmed sitting on the floor)
The person who discovered this is Archimedes. He was the greatest Greek mathematician of the ancient world. He lived from 287BC to 212BC. His life story is very interesting. Mohamed: Can you please tell us one story?

Father: King Heron was ruling the country at that time………………………… (The curtain closes and the Narrator speak in front of the closed curtain) Narrator: During the ruling time of King Heron, lived a famous mathematician whose theorems and philosophies became worldwide. He was no other but Archimedes the Greek mathematician. On one such day, the King ordered the goldsmith to make him a golden crown.

(the curtain opens behind the narrator and the scene inside the palace is taking place) Inside the palace
King: (sitting)
Minister: My lord, goldsmith delivered the gold crown you ordered to make (handing over the crown)

Queen: It is very nicely done!

King: Has he used all the gold?

Minister: That’s what he said but I doubt it.

King: (thinks for awhile)

Queen: Why don’t you ask Archimedes to solve this problem?

King: (to the Minister)
Bring Archimedes to the palace at once!

Narrator: The minister did not...
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